Jiang-Nan Chun is one of the rare places in Singapore where Peking duck is roasted in a wood-fired oven, imbuing it with a delectable smoked aroma and succulence to the meat, while keeping the skin deliciously crispy.

The award winning restaurant is renowned for this delectable dish, and every element of the dish has been chosen to provide a symphony of flavours to the diner. From the fresh spring onion juice squeezed into the pancakes, to carefully sliced English cucumbers, to the accompanying Cantonese and Beijing sauces – chefs prepare each element with the artistry of a traditional painter.

Till 30 September 2017 we are inviting guests to try this signature dish at an exclusive promotional rate of 20% off for a limited time period.

For reservations, please contact Jiang-Nan Chun at tel: (65) 6831 7220; email jnc.sin@fourseasons.com

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